What Can I DO?

WRITE (email- sample below):  It’s meaningful when emails are sent to the NH Public Utilities Commission.  The three Commissioners read them.  They do not see articles or Letters to the Editor in the Valley News, but they read emailed comments, which are then listed at the Comment section, at the end of the docket page.

To: Debra Howland, Executive Director and Secretary, Public Utilities Commission Executive.Director@puc.nh.gov
Subject: Docket No. DG 16-­852, Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) Corp.                                
Dear Director Howland:
As a resident of the Upper Valley, I ask the Public Utilities Commission to deny Liberty Utilities’ petition to extend its gas franchise to Lebanon and Hanover.  The storage facility and distribution pipeline for the fracked gas that Liberty proposes to bring to my community by truck is incompatible with the need for a rapid transition to 100% renewable sources of energy.  The life cycle greenhouse gas emissions – including during the fracking process, transmission and burning — would be higher than from any fuel the gas would replace.  Liberty’s new infrastructure would need to operate for 50 years for the investment to be recovered from rate payers.  The consensus of the international scientific community is that we don’t have nearly that much time to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero.  By any measure, allowing Liberty Utilities to expand its gas franchise to the Upper Valley is not in the best interest of the public.
[your name]

LEARN:  See “Research/Resources” tab.    See what your town is doing to move toward energy efficiency and renewables instead of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

TELL:  Tell ten people about this proposed pipeline… most folks don’t know about it.

YARD SIGN:   Let us know if you’d be able to display a No Pipeline Here yard sign.

CONTACT:   If you can help, have questions, or wish to receive emails about action-oriented meetings:     contact Ariel Arwen at arielarwen@gmail.com or Devin Wilkie at devin.wilkie@gmail.com