Hanover’s July 4th Parade Theme:  Green is Red, White, and Blue!


4th of July Parade – Hanover, NH

Our 9-community organization collaboration handed out hundreds of flyers and won second place!!!  More pics are in “Gallery”!

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August 12th Rally! – see “Events”

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Dartmouth College Plans on Renewables, Not Gas

Valley News, April 23, 2017


“…As green energy proponents have been hoping, the college, which currently uses 3.5 million gallons of fuel oil annually, is not planning to convert to natural gas. Our most recent studies have focused on renewable resources such as biomass, biodiesel and solar energy….”

“…Liberty Utilities had previously said the pipeline could serve major local employers, such as Dartmouth College….”      (for entire article, see “News”)

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9/11:   PUC Holds Hearing on Fracked Gas Pipeline (scroll down to read)

SEE Jon Chaffee’s Op-Ed under “News” and Letter to the Editor by NH Consumer Advocate, in response to Valley News reporting on 8/12 Rally

 Liberty Utilities has proposed an 11-mile fracked gas pipeline running along RT 12-A in W. Lebanon, NH to west of the Lebanon Green, and north to downtown Hanover.

Community opposition is strong and continues to mount, including nine community organizations.  In the past, “natural” gas was widely viewed as a “bridge fuel”, less polluting when burned than oil and coal, a bridge until renewable energy sources were more affordable and available.  But solid research over the last 6 years shows that hydraulically fractured (fracked) gas (1) has a larger greenhouse gas footprint than oil and even coal due to methane leaks, thus contributing more to climate change than other fuels and (2) results in serious health and water quality impacts in the communities where it is extracted.  Also, prices are projected to increase as supplies decline and exports increase.

FullSizeRender (35)

Proposed pipeline to run from RT 12-A in West Lebanon to downtown Hanover, NH

This is the PUC docket    The letters sent to the docket (in the Comment section at the bottom) are worth reading. One might note those of Richard Husband and Pat Martin and many others.  Significantly, on July 11, Dartmouth College’s letter (Richard Mills) states its disinterest in natural gas. Over 330 letters and postcards have been sent in.

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