UVAG Non-violence training

WHAT Non-violence training to bring together activists in the Upper Valley and beyond: Collaboration and Empowerment within Climate and Social Justice Movements

DATE:  Saturday, October 21, 2017

PLACE:  Bugbee Center, Main St White River Junction

TIME:  9:00AM-5:00 PM

Hosted by:  Upper Valley Affinity Group: uppervalleyaffinitygroup@gmail.com

An Irresistibly Delicious Veggie Hot Lunch Will Be Provided Free

Register for the training here: https://goo.gl/forms/ddVV0xE6LYV9QyFv1

Trainer: Mary Link Assistant Trainers: Karen Bixler and Laura Simon
Contact: Laura Simon simonlaura06@gmail.com and Karen Bixler kbixvtHYPERLINK “http://@gmail.com”@gmail.com

Participating in this training does not mean you plan to be involved in a non-violent action as someone risking arrest.  It is important for all of us in the environmental and social justice movements to be versed in non-violence and consider all the roles to make our efforts successful including being a support person, being a legal laision, etc.

Please let us know if you’re planning to attend so we can make sure you get any pertinent updates and communications about this workshop! Here are details for this program:

Workshop Goals include:

-Understand and become inspired by the spirit and history of non-violent actions

-Deepen connections and build stronger community among activist groups in the Upper Valley and beyond

This workshop will encourage us to create a vibrant, changemaking community. All are welcome. Free scrumptous lunch provided. Please bring snacks (to share if you want) and a coffee cup if you want coffee. Suggested donation $5-$20 appreciated but not required.

We’re excited to see you on 10/21! We are asking each person coming to invite one more people who might not consider coming without a personal invitation.  Please consider reaching out – this workshop will be richer and more productive if we bring a diversity of experience into the room.

Thanks, Karen Bixler, Laura Simon and members of the Upper Valley Affinity Group

Register for the training here: https://goo.gl/forms/ddVV0xE6LYV9QyFv1


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